Working Out at Home vs. The Gym: Which is Better?

Working Out at Home vs. The Gym: Which is Better?

Trying to decide whether to workout at home vs. the gym can be a tough decision. As a personal trainer, and the owner of Personal Trainers at Home, I’ve had the unique experience to see into the motivations and barriers many experience with in home exercise and in the gym exercise.

In addition, I’ve worked in gyms and inside people’s homes to personally train them.

Years ago when I started working out, I actually started working out at home! I did this for years until I became a personal trainer and started working in gyms. Flash forward to now, and I’m working out at home a lot of the time . . . guess I can’t stay away!

Throughout this article, I’m not going to argue for one side or the other. I’m simply going to give you a transparent look into working out at home vs. the gym so that you can make your own decision!


Working Out at Home

Based on my experience, one of the biggest barriers for many is this question: “Does working out at home really work?”

The answer to this question is a resounding YES and that is still an understatement! You can get ripped from home, build a bigger butt, get abs, lose weight, gain weight, get super strong, and the list goes on!

Just like we will discover with the gym though, there is a balanced list of pros and cons to working out at home versus the gym. 


Benefits of Working out at Home vs. The Gym

    1. No driving to the gym. This saves you time and multiple studies have shown that the farther your gym is, the less likely you are to go and workout!
    2. No judgement from others. This is a pro for obvious reasons. When I started working out, I felt more comfortable exploring new exercises at home vs the gym. 
    3. No crowds or waiting for equipment.
    4. Clean. Gym’s can be a breeding ground for germs. One well known study actually found that free weights can be the grossest with 362 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat!


Disadvantages of Working out at Home

    1. Limited Equipment. Unless you have a home gym or a personal trainer that brings the equipment to you, equipment may be limited in home. 
    2. It can be hard to have a good support system. Sometimes in home exercise compared to the gym can be lonely or make it hard to get motivated if you don’t have some type of support system. When I say support system, I mean a group of people or a person to motivate you and hold you accountable.


Pros and Cons of Going to The Gym

benefits of going to the gym

Advantages of the Gym

  1. Lots of Equipment/Exercise Options. Depending on the gym you join, equipment options may seem limitless! Oftentimes fitness classes will also be offered. 
  2. Community/Social Factor. You by nature will meet people at the gym. For some, this is a great part of going.
  3. Change in Environment. Sometimes getting out of the house is the right change of pace to get motivated.


Disadvantages of the Gym

  1. Commute. There is almost always a commute to the gym and this will come with a level of inconvenience depending on your situation. 
  2. Membership and Training Costs. Gym memberships can become very pricey. If you decide to get a trainer or do small group training with your gym membership, you could spend hundreds of dollars every month. 
  3. Crowd/Equipment Wait Times. Crowded gyms are hard to be in and sometimes just straight up annoying. This is exaggerated when you can’t get the piece of equipment you want. 
  4. Dirty. Those with compromised immune systems could be at risk at the gym. 
  5. Judgement. This is something that a TON of people experience going to the gym, especially newbies. I’ve been there and the gym can be intimidating!


Who’s the Winner of the Home Workout vs. Gym Battle?

Neither! It truly comes down to what you decide is best for you because both are effective options!

My personal opinion is (if you care to listen): 

“Most who workout in the gym typically don’t look the other direction and have minimal complaints. However, chances are they have never given in home training any serious consideration.

Those who do in home workouts typically enjoy it because it works for their needs. This is elevated when they have a good support system through friends/family or a personal trainer.”

Now it’s your turn to decide what’s best for you!