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Personal Trainers at Home – Our Why

Personal Trainers at Home was started by Brennen Elboeck, a personal trainer, and based on one powerful belief,

Fitness has the power to transform lives.

Imagine how you would feel in a body you’re proud of and can be confident in. Imgine being in a body that’s pain free and moves effortlessly. Imagine how your life would be different than it is now.

The change you would experience would be beyond just the physical transformation.   You would have a different perspective mentally, emotionally, and for some, even perhaps, spiritually. The core of this change is where health and fitness lies.  

It’s hard to get out and focus on your fitness goals after a long day of work, helping the kids, constantly traveling for work, or maybe you actually do just have trouble being mobile! People are busy and we appreciate efficiency.

It makes things easier and allows us to get more done. What’s not to love!?   With what we know today, physical and mental fitness isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Here at Personal Trainers at Home, we strive to make living a healthy lifestlye as easy and attainable as possible for you.  

This is done by holding you accountable, guiding you nutritionally, showing you proper exercise form and programming while working out, and ultimately, delivering measurable results.  

We believe too that fitness involves more than personal training. That’s why we offer nutritional counseling services with a Registered Dietitian. This allows you to have the opportunity for a fully rounded approach to your wellness journey. This is why we use the slogan “Your one stop shop for in home fitness.” We continue to create the ultimate in home health and fitness approach for you, brought to you!

Personal Trainers at Home strives especially on the following core values which allows us to deliver the highest quality service possible:


All of our personal trainers hold nationally accredited personal training certifications and/or degrees in kinesiology, exercise science, and other relevant fields. Our Registered Dietitians are truly the gold standard of the nutrition industry. They are highly educated with a bachelors in nutrition and all have undergone a two year dietetic internship to obtain the credentials “Registered Dietitian”. 


All of our personal trainers and Registered Dietitians are experienced whether it be adequate education paired with internships, or proper credentials with experience in the field.


Personal training and nutritional counseling can be a larger decision for many. For some, it may even be an uncomfortable step. You ultimately will need a professional that you can get along with and work well with. Regardless of where you’re at, all of our professionals display a great level of ethics and people skills.

Puts the Client First

The needs and concerns of our clients always come first. There is absolutely no exception. At Personal Trainers at Home, we believe in “servant leadership” and will always do what we can to provide you with the resources necessary to transform your life! What are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to transform your life through fitness. Contact us for a free 45-minute fitness assessment or learn more about our services.

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