Personal Training

In Home Personal Training

Not one complaint! Personal Trainers at Home is punctual, professional, and really puts in a lot of effort in understanding body types to tailor the workouts for me. I’ve only been using the service for a short time, but I feel more flexible and am seeing results.

Liz S.

Personal Trainers at Home brings the trainer, workout, and equipment to you. No more fear of judgement at the gym, long drives to the gym, or uncertainty of what you should be doing and how. You can now obtain the results you’ve been wanting your way. Below is a short description of the various personal training services we offer.

Everyone starts off with a free 45-minute fitness assessment. This is the first thing to get scheduled at the beginning of the personal training process. 

1-on-1 Personal Training

1-on-1 personal training is just you and you’re trainer. This is the classically thought of personal training. We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute sessions.


Work 1-on-1 with a yoga instructor, do couples yoga, or even group yoga with our yoga instructors!

Group/Family Fitness

Personal Trainers at Home teaches large and small group fitness! In private parties, each individual pays per class. If you are a local company wanting to provide classes for your employees or residents, we charge a flat rate based on class length.

Couples Training

Couples training is a great way to stay motivated and is proven to increase chances of success! Personal Trainers at Home will train you and a training partner together at an affordable rate.

Online In Home Personal Training

Online personal training is between you and your trainer. You will both be able to see and hear eachother. This is done through a software similar to skype. This works exactly like 1-on-1 in person training, just online and at a lower rate. To learn more about online personal training, click here.