Registered Dietitian Consulting

In Home Registered Dietitian Counseling

Personal Trainers at Home will send a Registered Dietitian to you! Now you can learn what you need to eat based on your needs and goals with confidence. In addition, your RD will place a strong focus on behavior change for long-term success.

Nutritional Services

All nutritional services start off with the initial appointment.

Initial Appointment

During the initial appointment, your RD will be getting to know your goals and needs to begin creating a plan of action. They will be guided by your pre-assessment form provided before the appointment. After the appointment, you will receive a meal plan, macronutrient and calorie numbers, a recap of what was covered during the appointment, and goals to meet moving forward. Lastly, you will be in consistent contact as necessary with your RD during the length of your meal plan to make adjustments as necessary.

Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are offered as necessary to reassess and set new goals along with aiding in accountability.

Online Nutrition Counseling

All nutritional services can be conducted online at a lower rate for those that request or prefer this! We use a software similar to Skype to be able to see and hear our clients and vice versa!

Couples Nutrition Counseling

Couples nutrition counseling is for couples that want to work together to change their individual and combined nutritional habits and behaviors. Couples will receive everything included within the intial appointment and will also have the option of scheduling follow-up appointments.