How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

It’s understandably hard to get motivated to workout at home. As an in home personal trainer that has worked with clients and personally worked out at home myself, I’ve been able to gain good insight on the subject!

In this article, my aim is to ignite a new drive in you surrounding home workouts!


Does Working Out at Home Work?

The answer to this common question is a confident and resounding yes! I can confidently say this because of the numerous people I’ve helped transform their bodies with in-home workouts.  Some of these people even trained with minimal equipment!

A set of stretch bands, a few dumbbells, an exercise mat, and maybe a fitness ball are all cheap with seemingly endless exercise options and variations!

You need to know and believe that you can reach any fitness goal at home that you could in the gym. Based on my experience, many people don’t work out at home because they have never truly considered it or tried it.

I have had many clients tell me that for the first time in their lives they actually enjoyed working out in their home and now consider it a viable workout option. 

Some goals may require special equipment, but most people won’t need specialized or extensive equipment because their goals simply don’t align with it. 

Therefore the first step and foundation in finding motivation to workout at home is believing that it does indeed work if you trust the process!


Why Should I Workout at Home?

For a non-biased look into the pros and cons of working out at home vs the gym, then check out the article I wrote here!

In short though, a few benefits of working out at home are:


  1.  No Commute to the Gym
  2.  No Judgement From Others
  3.  No Crowds or Waiting For Equipment
  4.  Cleanliness


If these pros fit your personality, lifestyle, and needs, then in home exercise is absolutely a great option! 


Tips to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

Below are tips that will help you stay on track for better accountability and results! If you will need a push with the steps below, considering personal training may be a good option!


Create Your Own Workout Space

create a home gym

Start by creating a space in your home that you will want to workout in! This could be a room of your home, the garage, or just a modified area of your living room! 

Regardless, you will want this space to be motivating and inviting to you!


Create a Home Workout Schedule

I’ve always believed and personally found that: 

“Those that are most successful in reaching their fitness goals make time for their workouts and have a consistent schedule!”

Just like anything in life routines and schedules make things easier to get stuff done. It’s no different from working out! 

Find times and days that work for you consistently and start by scheduling only two to three days a week! Long term if you’re able to do three to five days a week this is great!


Create a Home Workout Plan

Create a workout plan to the best of your ability and track your progress or find online resources that will provide you with a routine! 

If you need extra help or workout personalization a personal trainer may be able to help! You can find one here.

Having a workout plan that you can measure progress with is incredibly powerful towards home workout motivation! If you’re training properly, you should see improvements every workout!

I would recommend starting by laying out your long-term goals and then breaking those down into shorter term goals to help you develop your plan. 


Assess Your Current Nutrition Regimen

Since you’ll be working out at home, you might as well take a look at your pantry and fridge! 

As you evaluate what foods you have, think about some of the following: 


  • What foods contain lots of sugar or fat?
  • What foods do you initially go for first when you don’t want to take a lot of time preparing food?
  • What do you think your worst eating habits are currently? Less will be more here, don’t pick yourself apart!


These questions are a starting place when evaluating where you are at currently. You could truly take a deep dive into nutritional planning, but for some, bringing different foods in the house, eliminating your worse eating habits, or changing portion sizes is all that needs to be done . . . at least initially!


Find and Join Others in Their Home Fitness Journeys

Having a support network is powerful! There have been numerous studies showing that having a training partner, personal trainer, or group of people that support you in your fitness journey leads to better success.


Stick With It!

There will always be days when you are not motivated to workout at home, but the key is to be consistent and keep going! Lack of personal accountability is the number one reason people don’t get the results they want!

To wrap up, you first need to change your perception of in home workouts and truly believe you can get results at home!

From there, create a designated workout space, create a well rounded plan, and find a support system for added accountability!